Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What to do?


Puff! Up in a cloud of smoke. I typed out this witty, sharp little post and it just disappeared. Alright, it wasn't witty or sharp, or even remotely funny, but I did type out a post just to have it vanish from all sight. Sigh. So now you're getting the abridged version. Its probably preferable anyway.

We have less than a month until we return to the US. We don't want to be like those inhabitants of a city who never have seen or experienced some of the city's sights, but at the same time not wanting to run through a list of items briefly glanced at then checked off. So what would you do? If you had say 20 days in Florence, or in any gloriously rich city what would you try to experience, to capture?

I have some ideas, but can't pursue all of them. Please tell me what you would do and suggest others:

1. Take an Italian cooking class
2. Check out one of the operas at a local church
3. Take a trip to Cinque Terre (our Italian friends say it is hot and you can't escape from the sun at this time of year)
4. Survey more gelato stores
5. Official walking tour
6. Sight seeing bus (eh.)
7. Tuscan wine tasting

Or perhaps just soaked up a little more of the Firenze we've come to know?

On the way to Bardini on Sunday






  1. You know my answer, girlfriend: Take a cooking class. And then tell me all about it, in great detail.

  2. I'm with Debbie. Long after you've returned, you'll (hopefully) reap the rewards (and so will friends) of that cooking class. And when you look back on the experience, saying "I took a cooking class when we lived in Firenze" sounds much better than "we went to the opera at the local church." And being that it is #1 on your list, I think it may be what you are most interested in, too. ;-)

  3. I would do something that is part of your usual everyday life at home, but however it's done in Florence. For me: lap swimming, libraries, fabric stores, pastries, coffee, and alcohol. I also like to have a car to drive around and see how much that differs. And listen to local radio.

    and of course the opposite, the totally exotic and unavailable at home. an opera in a church sounds awesome.