Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I'm cheating today. Tomorrow, I promise, great things! Today, I share some art - an animation of a favorite poet's work found on YouTube: Roger McGough's Cinders. Something about it takes me back to being a child. McGough's was a voice from my childhood. You don't even hear his voice in this clip, but I can, in my head. Now, as an older parent of a toddler there are other aspects of this that resonate with me. So while in this city of great art, I share with you something from a few hundred miles away from here, but close to my heart. Tomorrow, Ila and I will set out to find a little art for us here in Florence. If you're not familiar with Roger McGough, check him out and to the animator - thank you.

Oh and this, a promise. M - I'm going to learn to make great gnocchi. Hope you're ready to be subjected to gnocchi constantly!

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