Sunday, February 22, 2009


It being the sabbath and us good church going folk,
we set off in search of a place of worship. At the first church we realized we were a little late as everyone was already exiting, and they were all dressed in fur coats. Apparently, a fur coat is a necessity when paying penance for your sins. Then we checked out our local church, Santo Spirito and the plaza in front which was missing the organic market that is supposed to be there on a Sunday. The feel was quite different, as was the clientele. 

We still didn't stay and went onto have a little lunch sandwich at a nondescript place just down from the Santo Spirito plaza. Eh, not bad. Cheap, filling, patient with our lack of ability to speak Italian. Nondescript enough that I've forgotten its name. It looked like it last got refurbished in the 1980s or maybe early 90s.

Today we stuck to south of the river, visiting
Porta Romana, the huge Roman gate, and a playground within the grounds of what looks like a decaying Istituto Statale d'arte di Firenze. You can see the Istituto in the background. In the next photo, Ila having a fine old time riding the elephant. She made trumpeting sounds to match.

We were the only family at the playground. Another came as we were leaving, but I wonder where the rest of the families are. Florence is a city of gardens, but most people do not have a garden associated with their home. Are there cool playgrounds in this city to be found? Places where children can run freely and play? Yesterday we went to another playground not too far away from this and there were probably four families there, only one of which was Italian. In a city, a dense, compact city such as this, where do you take your children to scamper and frolic?

While I'm really excited about this move, our garden, the Arizona mountains, and the desert are all going to be sorely missed. I think we're going to spend a lot of time in gardens. With that thought I leave you with the typical tourist poses.  This bridge is just minutes from our apartment and the view over to Ponte Vecchio.


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  2. Oh, I'm so glad you posted your blog URL on Facebook. Now I get to experience Italy with you a bit!

    I'm glad you all arrived safely. Sorry we weren't home to be a part of seeing you off. We have 2 more full days left in Hawaii before we return back to Tucson. I must admit, I'm a bit sad about leaving Hawaii but happy to be going home to my own bed!

    Did you say you were going to rent a sewing machine or buy one there to keep up with your sewing? I'm actually in sewing classes (or I will be again when we return from Hawaii) so maybe by the time you guys get back I'll be able to actually read a pattern. :)

    I'll try to get a Flicker account going to post sewing pictures to show you.

    I made a pair of pajama bottoms for Jacob. The materials cost me about $16.00 for the bottoms and the top so I didn't really save much money making them but Jacob loves them so much that he wants to wear them every night so it was worth it! I have to pry them out of his hands to wash them once in a while. :)


  3. Yeah for pajama bottoms. Regarding the money, you've had the pleasure of creating, Jacob has the gift of something you've created specially for him, custom pjs and an evening or twos entertainment cost so much more than $16. Plus, keep the scraps. There are so many wonderful things to do those pieces that you think are useless. I have ideas! Actually, my big plan is to make this quilt for Ila:
    from scraps of the clothes I've made her. I keep talking the quilt thing. When we get back to Tucson, you're in charge of keeping me honest Kathryn.