Wednesday, February 25, 2009

If we're not here when you call, we're at Boboli.

Today was Doug's first day at the Observatory. Ila and I were officially on our first day of this grand adventure, where I play at being a SAHM, who is also a WAHM. I think most SAHM are also WAHM. The weather was absolutely spectacular, the grey haze of the past couple of days had lifted and it would be a crime to have stayed inside. We packed a few snacks, the nice camera and then Ila and I walked to Palazzo Pitti to visit Boboli Gardens. For those who know Firenze, Pitti is about a 7 minute walk from where we're staying.

I admit when I saw the facade of Palazzo Pitti, I was not impressed. I think I might have made some crack about it looking like a prison. I take it all back. Don't judge a book by its cover and all that.

Beyond the frontage, Pitti is spectacular and in no small part due to Boboli Gardens which stretches south of the palace approximately a kilometer. There are carefully manicured lawns, fountains, statues and artifacts throughout the area that we walked. Between the lawns, the fountains and the stairs are a whole host of little back pathways walled by tall bushes, excellent for running through and looking for birds and insects.

We covered a tiny portion of the gardens in the two and a half hours we were there. We sat, we watched, we listened, we explored. Ila threw pebbles into a grate. She ran, with that fabulous toddler gait around a mini topiary maze. We ate cheese and the best tangerines I've had a long time. The fruit here, so far, is divine. I plotted our next trip back. Soon, very soon.

My concerns about the lack of outdoor space have somewhat subsided. This isn't our crazy yard, or my beloved wild high desert, nor the wind blown coastlines and moors that I dream of, but it is pretty sweet.

Oh, and while we were there we finally got a nice clear shot of The Duomo, to make up for the lack of a good picture a few posts ago.


  1. What a lovely day you two had! I wish we were there to gambol and eat tangerines with you. I love the shadows in the first picture.

    Hi to all the family from us in Tucson! We miss you terribly!!

  2. Sounds like a pretty good first day as SAHM/WAHM. At least you have lots of exploring to do during the day! :)

    How did Doug's first day go?


  3. Mum says

    Wow, I am really pleased you have found somewhere for both you and Ila to run around. It sounds lovely, and I am looking forward to seeing it and a gallery or two when I come over next time. I am trailing round the internet for some decent prices. Gill did a great job last time!

    We have some very happy pictures of you all in your first days as a family in Florence. And haven't you been lucky with the weather.

    And soon the big, big birthday!


  4. I'll admit it, I read the title of your post at first as, "... we're at Vivoli." As you will be, constantly, soon, once you've tried it. Probably not gelato weather quite yet, though.

    I love Boboli and used to visit it every week (after changing money at American Express in via Guicciardini). Do they still charge admission to the gardens? When I was there they were just going to start, and people were up in arms... I love the Forte di Belvedere at the top, which is where I assume you took the beautiful panoramic shot.


  5. Deborah,
    They still do charge admission. Once we're residents of Firenze, we won't be charged. However, until that time we plan to get a family pass to the Uffizi and other state museums AND Boboli. I believe it is 100 Euros for a calendar year. We're close enough to Boboli to go everyday, so it would be well worth it. As for Vivoli, you're among good company in recommending it. We did actually have gelato today from Santa Trina on the south side of the river. It was magnificent.

    JLSC, I love those shadows too. The tangerines are soooooo juicy. Wish you were here too.

    Mum, can't wait to show you around and to have you here to celebrate the big b'day.

    Doug is really excited to be up and at 'em. You know Doug :)