Thursday, May 14, 2009

Free to Be... You and Me

It might be Thursday in the US, but it is now Friday here and so a new post to share two things, no scratch that, three things, before I go back to the inane drivel of an over privileged middle aged woman (yeah, I said it out loud) living the life of Riley.

1. The first item I didn't see at the time, it was part of the 08 campaign. I stumbled upon it on Brook Yung's blog, and how I got there? Interest piqued after watching B.Yung here and I got there? From following helpamotherout on Twitter.

Check out the other poets on B.Yung's blog. Love the Dolphin poem. You guys didn't know I'm a poetry fiend did you? Love the stuff, love it more when it kicks my ass and gets me thinking, "What should I do and how will I do that?" We'll get back to that thought.

2. At some point in the day, every day, Ila and I dance like the crazy is right there with us and there is no stopping us or it. Utter bloody joy. We have a compilation I put together for her birthday which starts out with Marlo Thomas and the New Seekers singing Free to Be...You & Me (the crazy starts a little slow) and the second line always gets to me...
"And I say it ain't far to this land from where we are" It isn't so far to achieve that dream. We have all the tools to make it happen, they're just not be used, I'm not using them. When I think about what is standing in the way of the dream of every child being free to be themselves, in the US at least, I think that lack of accessibility to healthcare is a, or even the, huge overwhelming stumbling block. When you consider the leading cause of bankruptcy and financial ruin is not some addiction to an illegal substance, not some gambling or shopping problem, but medical bankruptcy it is hard to ignore the impact the crappy lack of healthcare is having on our society. This along with the video above brings me to item three.

3. Kathy McClure, the purple bus lady and her blog  is giving voice to those who have lost it along with their health insurance. It is compelling stuff.  Kathy is actually doing something, making the case for a healthcare system that addresses the needs of the people. So, the question is what can I do? I'm not getting in a purple bus any time soon. Who do I write to, who needs to hear this? My congressman? My senator? Not sure I'll convince Jon Kyl given his history on healthcare, but if I don't try...
What else can we do, you know other than or in addition to donating to the Organizing for America ?  

Alright, I'm done now.  Well, at least for now. 

ps. Thanks to again for the lead on the purple bus lady.


  1. Check out this site: and this one: The importance of universal health care and universal access to services cannot be understated. Even Kyl and Mcain want to hear what their constituents think (while they might disagree). Raul Grijalva needs to hear that he is doing a great job getting to the front of the health care debate. Our other representatives need to know where we stand so they can make some decisions. There is so much to do.

    On another note: Still lovin' F2B and the TWO caboose songs. Has there ever been a better description than 'last in line, red like a stop sign'?

  2. Hey thanks Ilana. I've been following HCAN on Twitter. I hadn't seen the National Physicians Alliance, but it is great to see doctors in the midst of this fight, fighting the good fight to provide health care for all. Of course, most of them always have been.

    Thanks for the reminder too about letting Raul know that we're grateful to him. That man has my respect for sure.