Thursday, May 21, 2009

Who should David throw the stone at now?

It has taken us nearly three months to go and see David. I know it is disgusting isn't it, uncultured slobs that we are, but fear of the lines kept us at bay. We shouldn't have worried, because of our passes we got to walk right in and skip the line. Ha!

So David is big. I mean really, really, really big, not quite as tall as an LBT mirror is wide, but still massive. I like David, he is a muckracker, a ramble rouser, a down with The Man kinda of guy. The sling held over his arm ready to bring them all down. Who would David and Michelangelo been gunning for now? Your suggestions below please.

Oh and no pictures with this post as they forbid photographs and movies in the Accademia and I wasn't feisty enough to stand up to the man and say I will use my camera


  1. I actually never went to see the David. Because I was stubborn like that. I won't make that mistake next time I'm there.

  2. If you ever onat a picture, I have one. I was bold enough/stupid enough to not be able to look/read the signs and snapped a picture of the most amazing carving I have ever seen. I also got a good talking to, most of which I didn't understand, but I got the idea.

  3. Moni, You didn't respond with a comment about civil liberties? Deborah, we're down to 3 months left here any suggestions as to other things we should be sure not to miss?

  4. I took a picture or two, too! Don't remember getting yelled at, though, but it was 15 years ago so maybe they were less mean then?

  5. Basically, don't pass up anything on the grounds that you're trying not to live like a tourist...