Saturday, May 23, 2009

Just us & Galileo's Ghost

Galileo's Gaol
This week we got the news that we're back to Tucson for the beginning of September. We'd not so secretly hoped that we would have longer here and for a while it looked like our hopes may be realized. Sigh. We're going to try and pack as much in to the next three months as possible.

Yesterday, we marked our half-way point with a picnic dinner up at the observatory. Imagine rolling Tuscan hills basking in sunset, air heady with the scent of jasmine, the sounds of Italian 16th century music drifting through the air* from the Galileo library and a dessert of cherries picked from a tree at the bottom of the road. I don't have pictures that can even begin to capture how perfect this evening was, you'll have to settle for these and your imagination. Next time I'm bring a bottle of wine.

*At the top of the hill at Arcetri, within stumbling distance of Doug's office is the Galileo Library. On Friday night the library was host to a free concert in celebration of the 400 year anniversary of Galileo's work. The library is beautiful, but small. Just thirty people watched the concert, with a toddler we chose to sneak a listen from a safe distance.
Just picked cherries

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  1. I can't believe you didn't bring wine!
    It sounds perfect, all the same.
    I'm glad you'll be back here early Sept, but then again I'm selfish like that.