Saturday, March 21, 2009

For the girls - I'm loving it here, but I do miss Girly Night at the PP, SnB, and the bookclubs...

..and most of all your company. However, I've found something here that I think you will all appreciate (Mags, this might count as food p*rn, kind of.)

This place is about 10-15 minute walk from ours. All that stainless steel, I know you're thinking this is more Doug's thing, beer. Nope, this is wine.

Rebecca, forget the Trader Joe's wine in a box. This is the ultimate in cheap wine and ties in with the last post about reducing trash. Here you take a bottle and have it filled up. Haven't tried it yet, but just think of all those SnBs, girly nights and Bookclubs and how useful it would have been to have such a place, if the wine is good or even marginal.

Now, don't worry too much about Doug in this land of wine. The grocery stores may have an abysmal selection of beers, but just a few doors down from the wine place is this place - a brewery.

Between the location of the brewery and the close proximity of a couple of Irish pubs, I'm beginning to wonder about how the apartment was chosen. Anyway, all is not lost. I'll do some research and see if such places are worth their proximity. Another example of the Italians doing their bit to save the earth by reducing trash and recycling.

ps. Seeing who this post was dedicated to, I thought I might include a little more yarn p*rn. This kid mohair blend (80% kid mohair) was $3.40 a skein at an old lady store, right next to a bunch of 100% merino for similar prices. The store was wild, bras and support hose next to tablecloths and tea towels with places for cross stitching. Actually, looking at this yarn I think it is something Granny H would have knitted with.


  1. I reckon you will NEVER leave Italy now. Especially since I can hear all your girlfriends zipping up their suitcases after reading this blog. We sure missed seeing you in Tucson.


  2. Missed seeing you guys too. When are you coming to visit us?

  3. Wow! Wow, wow, wow! Rachel, as usual, you're such a star. I hadn't had the chance to really read through your adventures yet. You've made your blog so beautiful and clever - just like you! I feel like (and wish) I'm right there with you! Look forward to more.