Wednesday, March 4, 2009

There was a little girl...

There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
And when she was good,
She was very, very good,
But when she was bad, she was...

oh I just can't say she's horrid, because she isn't, more - but when she was wild, she crazy, when she was two, she was terrific?
What do you think?

It is STILL raining here. I decided that rain or no rain we were going to spend all morning out of the apartment. We might be sweet, but we're not sugar and we're not going to dissolve. Please note the false bravado of someone who has spent the past 20 years in the desert. So we went back to Palazzo Pitti and visited the Galleria Palatina, the main art gallery. Hey, it might be just 7 minutes walk, but it was still in the rain.

The gallery was outstanding, but no photos, no cameras allowed. Not that other people were abiding by that rule, but I was too busy chasing a toddler around to whip out the camera and catch a stealth shot. Not that I would. So, I'm afraid I can't share. Just think Raphael and you have it about pegged.

We managed for a while looking for horses and babies in the pictures before Ila just wanted to run around. The museum staff were wonderful. Thankfully. I only got a few snotty looks from one of my fellow countrywomen.

Dear Fellow Countrywoman,

While I understand the wish to enjoy the art in peace and quiet, the focus of many of the paintings in this gallery is the child. If I want my daughter or any child to appreciate art, to know how to behave in such a place, it is going to take some training and experience. The first few times her behaviour might prove a bit of a disruption until I move her out of the space which, don't worry, I will. Please take a little joy in the exuberance of a two year old gasping and saying wow when she sees frescos on the ceilings for the first time. The artist is taking joy in the beauty that nature created, can't you?


P.S. I can take you any day. I have the snotty look down pat. As well as the teacher look. So there.

That said, I'm probably going to attempt the next gallery with Doug along. Maybe we'll keep to looking at architecture for right now.

Yesterday, when it was raining we had a flour day. One of the activity bags that Kerry packed for Ila included these great stretchy lizards. At Kerry's suggestion we buried the lizards in a shallow pan with flour and then went a lookin'. Ila loved this. The activity turned from playing with flour, patting it, letting it run through her fingers, sprinkling it to searching for lizards, stretching lizards, piling lizards up, and then burying lizards. Rinse, repeat. Much fun. At the end we were both covered in flour and so was the floor. Fun, so much fun.


  1. What a great, bold floury idea. Not sure I'd have the nerve for it.

  2. hee hee... I think I forgot to mention that when they do this bury-the-reptiles-in-flour activity at Miles' school, they do it in the sand tables...outside on the least the floor is tile and Ila had fun. Miles still loves to bury things and dig them up in flour, in sand, in gravel, pretty much whatever's at hand (he has even figured out he can 'bury' things in the couch...)

    Good luck with that learn how to behave in the gallery thing ;) We tried the decorative arts/textile museum in Prague with Miles at that age...whoo hoo and we had him outnumbered 3 to 1 (Tim, my mom and me!) But if you don't try, how are they going to learn?

    All the best, Kerry

  3. Mum says - you have forgotten the wonder of living with rain. It doesn't actually rain all the time - you just think it does. Then there are all the different sorts of rain - some of which gets you wetter than others. Then there are the lovely puddles they create, and the beauty of a bit of oil in them! Seriously you just need a couple of good rain coats, one of which is packed up and taken with you everywhere! Now you know why the British get so miserable, but I think your Tuscan skies are bluer.

    And of course Ila can wear her lovely raincoat and hood.

  4. Okay, I know we're not planning any more travels for a while, but I still want Kerry to make US some activity bags!!! They sound so fun. :)

    Glad you ventured out in the rain. It does rain here in Tucson...monsoon season, remember? The kids and I actually enjoy going out in the rain. Greg thinks we're crazy!

    So, we're planning Celia's Hawaiian-themed birthday party. I wish Ila were here to attend. I bought many strands of shell necklaces to give to the kids and I'm going to try my hand at making some grass skirts, using my sewing machine! I'm going to make a beach cake and I think I'll have the kids do a sand art project, with maybe a few shells thrown in the mix for good measure. Fun! Fun! Of course, you'll see pictures of all of this at the end of the month when I send out my update.

    Take care!