Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tissue Paper Madness

Tissue Paper Madness

So, in our apartment is this fabulous bathroom (the one with the Jacuzzi tub), but there are two problems with the bathroom:
1. The frigid temperatures
2. This window
Master Jacuzzi tub
Yes, the pretty arch window on the right with the frosted glass. The window means that the bathroom is the lightest room in the apartment, but it isn't all frosted glass. See the picture that the former resident had in the middle? That covers up a coat of arms in clear glass, and all around the edge is a clear border. So, anyone on the terrace above, or coming in this entry way, Entry way
may be subjected with a view of us going to the bathroom or getting out of the shower. That isn't necessarily a pretty sight and, after all, I am still British; my modesty does not permit flesh exposure below the neck or above the shoulder.

Ila and I spent the afternoon, post nap, ripping up tissue paper. We're going to make some sort of sunset/water tissue paper border for the clear glass. I'm not sure how to accomplish this exactly, but I thought ripping up tissue paper seemed like a good start, plus it was fun. D. didn't think that the newspaper plastered on the window was really the thing to do. Now, I need to see if I can find contact paper, or maybe something else transparent to glue the tissue too. Any suggestions? The neighbours are going to love us.

ps. Tomorrow is my first Italian language class.


  1. When in Rome (or Florence)........ adamitico!

  2. Oooh, I did something like this a million years ago, in college, to make a fake stained glass window in my first-floor room. I used tissue paper and...drat, can't remember what kind of glue. Nothing fancy. Mod Podge, maybe? I'll get back to ya.

  3. Evviva la modesty! I am sure you and Ila will pimp that window divinely.

    Where are you taking Italian classes?

  4. Yes, I did wonder about that window. Our friend Eric Carle does stuff like this on his website - or did at one time. But again not sure about the glue. Does it matter if you only have until September.