Saturday, March 7, 2009


Today's highlights:

1. Being recognized on the street by someone almost as if we lived here

The wonderful chef, Nola, from the restaurant we were at last night recognized us and came over and said hi. Nola then proceeded to gush all over Ila. Someone knows us in Florence.

2. Remembering last night's meal cooked by Nola

Primo - First course (for all of us, not just me)
-Crespelle alla Fiorentina (Spinach, ricotta pancakes/crepes in a tomato sauce - yum)
-Ravioli di ricotta e spinaci (in a butter sauce & sage)
I love the use of sage leaves in food. We had this tremendous butternut squash tortellini while we were in Marin this summer that had a butter sage component. This dish reminds me a little of that. I obviously need to include sage in cooking at home.
-Filetto di maiale in crosta - Pork filet in bread crust. It sounds so plain and maybe a little bizarre, but it is a sinful plate of salt, carbohydrate and meat. Delicious.
-Swiss Chard sauteed
We need a little green

3. Avoiding lines and saving money
Walked into the correct office at the Uffizi at opening time (10am) and bought a family pass (100 Euros for the calendar year) with no fuss and no wait. This pass will get us into a bunch of places and I estimate will pay for itself in the next 3 weeks. If you're planning on visiting and want to see a bunch of places over a few days this maybe the way to go.

4. Finishing the beret
I made some errors in gauge. It is a little top heavy, but so soft AND purple.


  1. this is hello from sam.NICE HAT! BUT DON'T MAKE ME ONE

  2. Hi it's Suzanne-you do seem to be mentioning food an awful lot-you are making me feel very peckish!

  3. looking thru ur flicker-cornflour+water is great 4 Ila+ not very messy-just mix it together-it looks solid but u can push ur hands into it-we call it gloop in skool-kids luv i+so will Ila!

  4. Sam,
    Are you sure? I could make a nice one with red, yellow and white.

    The food is great here. You'll have to come visit. Oooooo, cornflour and water, I think thats Oobleck. I haven't tried that with Ila. Good one.

  5. Happy birthday 2 u! U do realise that 40 is now middle aged..and here's me only in my 39th year!! Jokes aside, have a gr8 day, luv suzanne-sam says no thanks to a hat in a different colour!