Friday, March 27, 2009

Hail, chips and truffles

This morning we embarked on our morning walk only to be forced back at the end of the cul-de-sac by hard little pellets of ice bombarding the pram and me, hail. Forget that. We did make it out a little later on, driven in part by gluttony. The love of the best little rum truffles, ever, from M.Ray Bakery. Baked goods in the UK are absolutely delicious.

In my last post, I was remiss in not mentioning the wonders living in a climate that actually has moisture in the air (and less sun) does for your skin. Julie, another week of this climate and my skin would be positively dewy. Perhaps we can turn back years of sun damage and dehydration if I just move back here? Hey honey, what do you think, lets move back to the UK so that my skin looks better? Hmmm, yeah, didn't think so.

This trip to England was also an important travel experience for Ila. She was finally introduced to her culinary cultural heritage, fish and chips. Ila appreciating her culinary cultural heritageactually to be more specific, a split. A split is mushy peas, chips and fish. Yummy. Actually, you'll notice on this plate she actually has pie too.

Tomorrow we're back to Pisa and then Florence. Hopefully, the weather will be warmer.

Night, night for now.

ps. I've been playing with the idea of maybe arranging to be on a walk around nap time and seeing what kind of nap Ila will take in those situations. Yesterday and today she fell asleep in the pram for about an hour and a half. Is this tempting the end of naps if I do this?


  1. Wonderful opportunity for you. And you never know what lovely dreams Ila may having while you look at Giotto in the Uffizi - a bit like playing classical music while pregnant!

  2. lovely photos, food element is still very strong...ripped up tissue paper can make great stained glass windows in different shapes...the afternoon naps are nearly at an end and 9pm bedtimes for the adults are getting closer!! take care,love to you all,sam,suzanne,alan x