Sunday, April 12, 2009

Batten down the hatches

Alright, maybe not quite stormy weather, but Operation Potty Train is in full force in our apartment this weekend which means only one adult gets to escape at a time from the apartment and the little one is held hostage in the apartment for three whole days. A friend in the know tells us that this approach reduces/inspires some parents to attempt only when completely baked. We're doing okay here without the help of illegal substances, but what a 'fun' ride. Needless to say so far the primary result of all this 'training' is one of us has to go to the bathroom every twenty five minutes or so and it isn't Ila. Well, you didn't drop by to read about potty training/learning did you?

Buona Pasqua!
Please note the deep contemplative look on I's face as she regards her first chocolate egg. It didn't stand a chance and was consumed rapidly and with glee once cracked. Thanks Suzanne, Alan and Sam
Today I can only share what I would have done if Operation Potty Train wasn't in full swing and if Doug had been well enough to be left with our young hostage (which, poor bugger, he wasn't). The plan was for me to attend the big parades in Firenze celebrating/observing Easter. This celebration seems to be a very big deal in Firenze. Street music, big bangs, fireworks, men in tights, and white oxen with flower bouquets on their heads and it all sounds like a great morning to me. As I wasn't there it doesn't seem right for me to say what happens so here, read about it over at Burnt to a Crisp Under the Tuscan Sun
Oh, and check out the firework display here:

At the time of all these fireworks we were giving up on the every 25minute toilet break and just going with hourly reminds to go to the bathrooms. The thing is, there is always going to be something going on, someone visiting and in between these things have to happen. Wish us luck on Day Three of Operation Potty Train and then we're going to be out on the streets of Florence diaper free! With that goodnight. Happy Easter, Pasqua, Passover, Springtime or just happy day to you what ever you celebrate.


  1. Good luck with Operation Potty Train. I find just leaving the kid naked from the waist down to be quite effective too, though it helps to have the right climate for that ;)

    Feel better, Doug! Lovin' Ila's curls.

    Miles and I stayed at my mom's house last night and he was so super-duper excited about the easter egg hunt my mom prepared for him, he woke us up at 5:45am!!! He was so thrilled to find all the eggs. But the chocolate bunny and marshmallow peeps left him cold - took one bite of each and spit it out. Umm...yeah, might need to work on the manners a bit, and next time try chocolate eggs...


  2. Good luck with OPT! I expect frequent updates on progress. I bet wine works as well as weed...

  3. Yep, thats what we ending up doing. Letting her run around naked when we're at home. I'm with Miles on the peeps. Awful stuff, but the bunny? Chocolate is chocolate.

    Rachel, wine works very well.

  4. We just bought Eleonora a potty. Not quite sure yet when we'll start on the potty training though. How's it going with your little one?

  5. Surprisingly well actually. It took me a few minutes to realize who you were, Eleonora's name was the give-away. Yeah, MammaAmericana!