Friday, April 10, 2009

Haiku to Schiacciatta

Carbohydrate loveliness
Better than chocolate

Schiacciatta, how I love thee

I have found my bready heaven here in Italy, with enough salt and oil to keep me H.A.P.P.Y. as well as bonny and fat. Schiacciatta is its name.

Blame my stepdad for being a flour miller. I may not be a wine snob, but I'm verging on being a bread snob. Previously the Tuscan bread bored me with the poor flour and lack of salt, but all that has changed now. Every morning, every evening if we're lucky we pick some up from Giovanni Galli's Bakery just off Piazza di Santo Spirito. Often, it is still warm by the time we sit back down at our dining table, that is if the bread made it home and wasn't guzzled on the way. This is how bread should be consumed, made that day, still warm and happily. Can you overdose on bread?

Oh, and this random piece on Twittering, because it is so right on and yet there I am...


  1. Will pass your thanks on to Norman, who will be delighted that he has inspired some search for good bread. And lovely to see Alan, Suzanne's and Sam's Easter Egg being enjoyed so much - I hope it did not interfer too much with the potty training.

    By my count now, you should be released from potty training hell and look again at the outside world.

  2. We did look at the outside world today, successfully without accident. Yeah :)

  3. The bread sounds DELICIOUS and perfect!!!!
    I love the egg photo too.

  4. and of course the haiku too! that is my favorite part. I love love love writing haiku. Totally satisfying.

  5. We'll ignore the fact that chocolate has three not two syllables.