Sunday, April 19, 2009

What weekends were meant for...

We have had a fabulous weekend. Once all of us were well again.
  • Operation Potty Train is now Operation Undies. 
  • Marge, my very wonderful MIL, Ila and I went to a fabulous park on Friday (more about that in a minute)
  • Doug and I got to go out for dinner together and eat and talk without once having to get up to chase a sweet, but spirited child around the table, out of the kitchen, off the dessert tray, or even from the neighbouring diners' tables. Date night is bliss. 
  • Yesterday, we went to the magnificent city of Siena. 
  • Today, lounged lazily around, as you do on a Sunday, only making a big effort to go out and meet a couple of Doug's work friends for a fabulous dinner.  
Ahhhh, its a tough life. Back to work tomorrow though.

View from Parco di Villa Strozzi

Back to the park discovery though. Not too far from here, the grounds of Villa Strozzi are designated a public park. A beautiful park with wooded nature trails, views of Tuscan rolling hills, dog walkers, places for children to play and places for folks to be quiet and contemplate. It is absolutely gorgeous. For the introduction to this beautiful place I must thank a woman I've never actually met, and know only via her blog, MammaAmericana.  

I found MammaAmericana's blog way back in mid-Fall when the possibility of our move became a likelihood. I checked out an expat site with some links to blogs and there was her blog all about her life in Firenze and her family. Whenever I worry that my blog is a rather self-indulgent exercise on my part I think about the huge help that MammaAmericana's blog has been to me in helping me adjust to Firenze. By sharing information about shops that she accesses materials for her crafty stuff, links to resources such as Firenzemoms4firenze,
and of course places like Parco di Villa Strozzi I have been helped immensely in adjusting to life here. If you stumble on this blog because you're about to move or visit Florence with a small child, I hope you find something useful here.  I certainly encourage you to take a gander over at MammaAmerican's blog as she actually knows what she is talking about. With that I leave you with images of my girl enjoying Parco di Villa Strozzi. Thank you MammaAmericana.

The train at Villa Strozzi Park
Parco di Villa Strozzi

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