Monday, April 27, 2009

There but by the Grace of God go I*

Just to remember this moment forever
picture from almost a year ago

Every night, every morning, and often in between, I hold my daughter close to me and inhale. Glorious. She is so precious, so vibrant and so fragile. It is good to remember the sweet times when she exploring the “dark side” of all her two year old glory. You know those times, right? 

Becoming a parent has turned my understanding of my own parents upside down. Did I know I could love so much? I think I understand now, with surprising clarity, the immensity of my parents’ hopes and fears, and the impact of my choices on them. Watching the most important thing in your world toddle of into the wild and crazy outside world is scary stuff. Hell, my daughter is only two and it scares the crap out of me. I don’t even want to think about the teenage years.  

As scary as those thoughts are to me, I have the peace of mind of knowing that we’re able to provide for all of her, and our, basic needs. Things like having enough diapers and wipes is something we’re fortunate enough not to have to worry about – but a great many families can’t say that now, due to layoffs, foreclosures, and the other economic woes that surround us. Diapers, wipes, and sanitary supplies are some of the items most requested and least donated to those in need, and we all know how important they are in keeping our kids clean and healthy. If you hit hard times and had to debate between paying the utility bill, or for your month’s bus pass to work, or diapers for your little one, how could you choose? Hopefully, you don’t have to – and neither should other parents. 

With all that in mind, this year on Mother’s Day (May 10th), as I think of how to best truly honor my mother, I vow to move away from the Hallmark card and the flowers and back to the original sentiment behind Mother’s Day. I want to honor her and other mothers in my life by nurturing, by helping other mothers, other parents, other daughters and sons and in doing so building a better world my own child and all children. 

Join me in honoring the mother figures in your life by participating in the online Tucson Mama Diaper Drive benefiting Diaper Bank of Southern Arizona, the nation’s first diaper bank. Donate more than $25 via our Tucson Mama Diaper Drive Amazon Wish List and email us at diaperdrive at gmail dot com the proof of purchase with your honoree's name before midnight on May 8th and we’ll send you a nice little e-card to present to your loved one.  

That’s right, forgo the chocolates that may be gone in a single evening, leaving only regret behind (am I projecting too much here?),  the flowers that will wilt and fade – instead, honor your mother with an investment in our world.  Won’t you join me?

ps.  This online Diaper Drive was inspired by the seriously cool Help A Mother Out organization

*This from a good little humanist


  1. ps. please twitter about the DIaper Drive, mention it on Facebook, email your friends, your friend's children, partners. If you're in the Bay Area check out, they were the inspiration for this or looking for a diaper bank in another area...let me know I'll try and find one.

  2. Isn't it amazing how such seemingly small things can make such a big difference? I'm thrilled that you Tucson mamas and papas are taking on the challenge too. xoxo