Saturday, April 4, 2009

Puritanical Modesty Meets Eric Carle

No br*asts please, we're British (or American) . Asterisks placed just to stop weird Google searches not because the human form should not be discussed or is in some way a shameful thing.
From the outside - Looking in Not Quite the Eric Carle Window
It isn't quite done, but this is the result of all that tissue paper mania the other day. Rather than using glue, we stuck the tissue paper to contact paper. Ila, her aunt and I had a grand old time sticking tissue, pants, fingers, and food to the contact paper . Enough of a good time that we may yet stick tissue paper to contact paper again.
Tissue Paper Madness Cont..
Once we'd wrecked havoc on the contact paper, and pretty much covered it with tissue paper, we put another piece of contact paper on top. Sealed in contact paper, hopefully the tissue paper won't bleed. We cut contact/tissue paper up into strips and curves and placed it on the window. Quite a successful family project, I think and all for less than four Euros.
Ila and her Auntie display their art work

And now for something a little different.

This week, here in Firenze, something changed. We're still getting rain, but the temperatures rose a touch, the mink coats disappeared, babes and toddlers were no longer dressed for 20 below (even though it was probably 60 degrees), and it just felt different, like Spring had arrived. The trattatorias and cafes started to dress the outside tables AND people began to sit outside. I think I'm going to enjoy this.

ps. M, I think I found the type of gnocchi I want to emulate, but I've only signed up for a Indian cooking class so far. Hey, I'll be able to make paneer. 
pps. The Italian language class was a great success, but now I have homework.



  1. Ila looks likes she having fun and the outdoor cafe looks very inviting. Just think, by the time we get there, it'll probably be too hot outside to fully enjoy it ;)

    Great job on the windows!!

  2. Spring! Enjoy the brief moment where it's warm enough to enjoy the outdoors, before the mosquitoes descend (they are called helicopters, in local slang, and for good reason). Florence was built on a swamp, after all.

    The window is gorgeous! Well done!


  3. Any signs of Earthquake in Florence. We were surprised on Monday morning to wake up to the news there was an Earthquake in Central Italy - but then looked up the maps for where you were.

  4. Windows look awesome!!!
    Yay for cooking and language classes.
    This WAHM thing sounds pretty good to me right now...