Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Follow up to Dear Gabby

I have pictures and posts to follow from our trip, but I wanted to come back and touch base about the healthcare issue.
Thank you so much to those who emailed, or called, or wrote to Representative Gabrielle Giffords or their congressperson. If you haven't, please do so now.

I just had a quick gander at tweets @Rep_Giffords and she is being bombarded with tweets from a number of people who are very anti healthcare for all. Please, please, please let her know that there is a huge number of us who don't feel that way and feel that the health and success of the country is best served by health care for all. If you've already written, go ahead and write again. If you're on Twitter, let her know that way too. Seriously, the opponents write multiple times a day!

Kucinich's amendment to the Education and Labor Bill that would allow individual states to adopt a single payer system is maybe the way to go forward for now? It has to stay in the bill. Lets make sure that Gabby supports a bill that includes at least such an option! http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_18620.cfmWeb Video: House Committee Approves Kucinich-Sponsored Measure to Keep Single-Payer Option Alive

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