Monday, July 13, 2009

Schweinebraten in einer Zweiebel

Yep, I've no idea either, but it tasted mighty fine although probably the heaviest meal I've ever had.
We're in Austria. D would argue we're in heaven. See the pictures below. Actually, we're in Innsbruck, home to the Winter Olympics on two occasions and it is pretty sweet.

I'm a little concerned...


I must admit it is rather nice for once not to stand out completely. After 5 months in Florence where we are instantly recognizable as not of Firenze, which is fine, but just sad somedays, this is kind of nice.

Alright and now is where I try to load up all the pictures I can in my remaining 10 minutes of internet time afforded me for the grand price of 2 Euros for 30 minutes.

A little funky wall
Funky Wall in Innsbruck

The view from our room. Not too shabby.
The view from the hotel

The golden roof thingee, one of Innsbruck's famous sights.

Alright got to dash. Don't forget to contact your congressperson about HR 676. Yes you. If you don't who will? Yes, it does make a difference...go on. Please.


  1. Pig something in onion.

    Tell Doug to drink at least two bottles of a good unfiltered hefeweizen for me. Not a dunkelweizen, a light one. Clove? Banana? What do you taste? With lemon, please.