Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stocking up for those deep winter Tucson nights

We've just less than a month left. It seems unreal. I went to a few stores today and asked when they'd be closed...this Monday until the 20th, the 23rd, the 27th, until September. So I stocked up. You know, on the important stuff, cotton,alpaca,worsted wool and merino. Food, schmood. Then we got home and pulled out the rest of the stash I've accumulated since we arrived...

Oh dear.

Stash accumulated since being in Florence.

And to think, this is how it started.

In my defense, some of it is a gift for an avid knitter. The rest...I only have this to say:

Dear Family,

For the next few seasons all gifts from our household on the occasion of your birthday or various Winter holiday will resemble a knit or crochet hat, scarf or bag. I say resemble because I don't have a very good reputation for finishing my projects. Still, something to look forward to?

All my love,

Your wife/mother/daughter/daughter in-law/sister in-law/cousin/niece/aunt (Delete as appropriate)

ps. Dear mother in-law I will finish that hedgehog for you before this December. Honest.

I fear, however, that I may have imparted some of my less desirable traits to my daughter. This is how I found her after leaving her alone for just a few seconds in the living room with the yarn stash:

Mummy Yarn Love

I love yarn


  1. You do have the gift for spinning a yarn..... badumbum! :)

    Miss you - looking forward to seeing you soon!

  2. And all those teeth. Please bring some photos on USB port, there have been some lovely ones recently.

    Yarn (you), computers (me), TVs (Norman), games play (Sam). OK all of us have different addictions. Yarns sounds very healthy compared to the rest and at least 3 of us are book addicts too.

  3. oh my god, that is the most amazing photo of ila!! you have become quite the photographer, grasshopper!