Monday, July 27, 2009

Speed Demon

We had a play date yesterday afternoon with a little girl 6 months younger than our speed demon. I met her mum in a cooking class. It was fabulous.

The lack of interaction with kids of a similar age for our kid has been the biggest issue with our move here. Funnily, I felt so much guilt about having our daughter in daycare when she was 6 months old, and now I feel guilt about her not being in a good day care setting and with other kids her age rather than me. She desperately needs the company of other children of a similar age. You can't win. Is this guilt a generational thing? Would I feel so torn if I were 15 years younger? Or perhaps if this were 20 years ago?

I'm still behind with posts from Austria/Bavaria and last week to share, but for right now I wanted to share what my day often feels like.


  1. I love that you tagged this "geriatric parenting." :-) You are so right about the guilt. We can't win either way. Just from an observational standpoint: Ila sure looks like she's having the time of her life in the photos you post here!

  2. well, maybe it's that at 6 months, you could fulfill almost all her social needs. At 2.5 years, not so much. I'd chalk it up to the fabulous shifting ground of parenting, not your venerable age.

    I love this picture, btw.

  3. I love this picture too and the one of Ila with the flowers round her neck as a necklace. And would love a copy of both if you could send me one.
    It is the fate of all mums to feel guilt about parenting/mothering. I would love to give you a time frame when you get rid of the guilt, but actually it goes on and on. Somewhere I have a Polly Symoons cartoon, which sums it up exactly. And this is despite having two children who did well by anyones standards. Just as you are and will continue to be so proud of Ila.
    40 years ago, mums stayed at home and then did a little part-time work. Children met each other for very short periods of time, but basically were at home most of the time. Lack of earnings also meant no car and few opportunities to give children wider experiences.
    Just contrast that with what you have given Ila, and all these wonderful photos. for her as she grows up.
    All cultures and all histories make women feel responsible for the awful things that happen in the world!