Wednesday, July 22, 2009 mean there is something else important other than the Sound of Music?

The view from the Guesthouse

Not that we just went because it was the location for the Sound of Music, but somehow a lot of our conversation while we were in Salzburg went like this:

"Oo! Oo! Isn't that where Maria sings in the square, right by that fountain before she meets the Von Trapp family?"

"No, I think it's that square with the horses. This is the one where she is with the children and..."

I feel la la

"This is just like when Maria and the children are running along the river side..."


"Oh, lets sing "Doe, a deer, a female deer. Ray, a drop of golden sun." And yes, Ila does know most of the words now.

Doe a deer, a female deer, Ray a drop...

and "What do you mean? Edelweiss isn't an Austrian folk song?"
"Nope dear. Only if Rodgers and Hammerstein were Austrian folk artists."

You'll have to guess who was way out in left field about that one.

Oh, so we did stop by Mozart's birth place and inhale a few Mozart Balls, I mean Mozartkugeln. Chocolate, pistachio marzipan, etc. lovely.


  1. that is friggin' cool. i wanna go!


  2. I thought they ran up and down some hillside singing away? But then 'The Sound of Music' was always on at Christmas after a few drinks.