Thursday, July 9, 2009

Some things never change...

It's 1:53am and I just finished my Italian homework.

Oh, we're off to Austria for our little jaunt. The hills are alive with the sound of music laaaaaaalalala...

ps. another cool thing or two to do in Northern England:
Visit Martin Mere a wetland and wildfowl trust. My parents took us there when I was but knee high to a goose. I remember having to be very, very quiet in the bird hides and being amazed at the grass on the roofs of the main buildings. We were quiet in the hides AND there still is grass on the roofs.
Martin Mere from the Harriers Hide

Check out a local park.
We caught up with one of my oldest friends (we've known each other for nigh on 30 years) her partner and son at Victoria Park in Widnes. There was a great big band playing, crown green bowling, a climbing wall, butterfly & iguana garden, tennis courts, the biggest awesome play area separated for the little uns and the larger kids and splash park. What a great space. Just to finish it off, despite looming rainclouds these folks steeled themselves against the mounting wind and soaked up a little sun. The Italians would have brought out the minks for such weather.Big band, big clouds but still sun

Finally, it was fabulous to see my friends and I'm hoping that a couple still might make it over to Florence. It was an even better trip for the sweet time we spent with my gran. She might not recognize us anymore, but both her and my toddler had so much fun with one another. I hope the remainder of her days are filled with such joy.


  1. A pic really is worth a thousand words!

  2. I'm a little slow with keeping up with the blogs, but there is something about 2 year olds and Alzheimer's residents. Miles still talks about visiting my dad in the care home and he was a few months shy of 3 when my dad passed. My mom took him there about once a week.

    Even though my mom and I had felt we had lost my dad years earlier, for Miles he was in the same moment as my dad - no past, no future - and they got along just fine.

    Take care, Kerry