Monday, June 22, 2009

And so the onslaught begins

We've only got a couple of months left, but we're going to be enjoying it with plenty of friends. This week we have a veritable gaggle in the vicinity. D's old roommates, partners and a couple of parents. Sweet. We went out to the place they're staying at, a castello outside of Impruneta. Fabulous scenery, scrumptious food, and tip top company. What more could a girl ask for? Oh wait, did I mention we're off to the Amalfi Coast this week too?

San Agostino is a sweet little trattoria close to Piazza di Santo Spirito on the street of the same name. Nice, funky, cool, friendly owners and great Tuscan food with a wacky twist...
The Via Roma Boys plus a kid, a couple of partners & a couple of parents

Vegetarians look away...

Honest, those are for us, not a pack of dogs

The converted farmhouse attached to the castle

Not quite Via Roma

With the olive oil press and vats

Olive Oil Press & Vats?

Someone stops for ants

A little jaunt around the Castle

and later still after splashing in the pool

You can't make me put on the shoes

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