Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sans Camera

I need to have my camera glued to me. We always see the coolest things when we don't have it with us. The other day, walking through Boboli Gardens toward the southern exit Ila and I saw a beautiful heron perched on the tall fountain. It seemed so out of place in the middle of a city, even inside this glorious garden. We hung out there for a while watching this grand creature and getting progressively soggier as the drizzle refused to cease and desist.

I think I may have also identified who is practicing in the studio below our bathroom. Do you remember that photo of Ila in the daises and buttercups? It has now been covered by a massive stage and bleachers. Aida is being performed there this month. While watching the heron we heard similar snippets of music and singing to that we've heard everyday through the bathroom floor.

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  1. Herons obviously have interesting lives. In my very urban garden in Prescot, England (i.e. not Prescott, Arizona): I looked out and saw one on the fence next door. Unfortunately by the time I had rushed upstairs and found a camera the camera shy heron had gone. But I keep looking out because it has obviously found out that urban pools (as next door) have lovely fish, easy to take as well.