Monday, June 1, 2009

Room with a View & Survey

view from the window
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Well, not quite. More like room with a heady jasmine smell. The view from our bedroom window. I wish we had access on to this terrace, but we don't. I'll just enjoy the smell of jasmine, which has to beat the alternative, the smell of the septic tank. Apparently, inside the city walls all the houses use septic tanks which are then drained on a regular basis. Ours has just been drained, but that doesn't seem to help with the smell, the jasmine is strong enough to though.

My question for you is this:
The only time we have open when we don't have visitors is 5 days at the very end of July. We'd like to take one trip (we would have liked more, but don't have time) as a family somewhere on mainland Europe outside Italy. It has to be quick and cheap to get to, have water, and relatively cool temps. Where would you go if you had the chance?


  1. This is in Italy, and not too far from Firenze, but the island of Elba is one of the most beautiful places I've been, ever. And you get to take a big ferry boat there.


  2. Looking for someplace off the beaten path yet fabulous? Try Croatia. No, really! Or maybe invite me to Italy for those five days so you don't have to bother! :-)

  3. Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic. It's a fairy tale come to life...small enough to be accessible with a little one, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and a truly magical place. It's definately one of Aly & my favorite places on the planet - and not nearly as expensive or overwhelming as Prague might well be. And it's up in the mountains, so it should be pretty cool even at the end of July. Check it out!

  4. Ooooo, Elba sounds great. I wonder how long it would take? Maybe we could go on a day trip there with some visitors?

    Anon, Croatia is definitely an area of interest. I think I know who this is, in which case I'm sure we can organize a time for you to visit. You'll have to email me.

    R- I should look into how to get to Cesky Krumlov. It sounds magical.

  5. Elba may be doable as a day trip if you can time the train to the bus to the ferry correctly (or even better, drive to the ferry and bring the car along so you can explore the island more efficiently). It took us eons to get there from Rome but that was a function of the usual train flakiness.

  6. Ha, Croatia is me, me, me! I'll book my ticket right now...

    Just kidding!

    Love your blog, Rach. You'd better keep it up when you return.