Friday, June 5, 2009

Wisteria gives way to Hydrangea


The wisteria flowers have all but disappeared and now the Bardini Pergola is showing off with a massive display of different types of Hydrangea. I might as well just call this blog Ode to Bardini. I'm afraid we really do spend that much time at Bardini, as if we're afraid to waste time on other possible sights for fear they won't live up to our expectations. Come visit us and we'll surely use it as an excuse to go, as if we needed an excuse.


Last week it was one of my best friends from England and her family who were subject to our obsession with Bardini. It was fabulous to have them here, not only, but especially because we got to meet their little boy who is just 5 weeks younger than Ila. The two of them together were like a little whirlwind wreaking havoc, joy, mayhem and laughter wherever they tumbled.

We still haven't made a decision about our vacation, thanks for the suggestions though. We're taking off for a rainy weekend at Largo de Garda tomorrow. Wahoo! I'm looking forward to mountains. Doug is talking about taking off for a little bit of a mountain bike ride too. Did I mention the high chance of thunderstorms? We're renting a car. Not this one, but almost as small...I love Fiat 500s. Can you imagine driving one of these on the streets of Tucson? They make Smartcars look huge!


  1. Beautiful pics... I love the color contrast between the vespa and the car :)

  2. Nice pics! Glad you've been having fun with your visitors. Great to hear how Ila is doing.

    Sorry I've been remiss in reading your blog for a while. I've been up to my eyeballs in work, kids, and sewing!

    I've got a running list of sewing projects for this summer and it's been fun crossing some off. I just finished a shirt for C made from Simplicity 4203 pattern. I made it to match a skirt I bought. I made a bunch of Classic Pooh burp clothes for a co-worker of mine who just had a baby boy. I'm going to make him a matching blanket with his name on it. I'm making J an "Iron Man" superhero cape! :)

    I'm having so much fun with sewing now!

    Hope all is well on your end!


  3. Love the photo of Ila. You always manage to catch such wonderful action shots of her, fully in the moment. They radiate such a life force! Keep them coming. :-)

  4. Vespa (red) & Fiat 500 (green) all we need is a nice white Lamborghini to show a very Italian ensemble!