Monday, June 22, 2009


My lovely friend M is obviously out to make me very homesick and is sharing her impressive gardening inside an oven on a blog. The woman is a whiz when it comes to cooking and cocktails. I'm looking forward to some nice drink & food from the garden tales. Hint, hint.

pps. I've mentioned Help A Mother Out (HAMO) quite a few times here. HAMO was the inspiration behind the Mother's Day Diaper Drive.

These two women and their blog provided me (an individual of limited financial means and time) with:
a manageable objective: make a child's life a little easier, safer, and happier, at least for a little while and in so doing help a family
An easy way to do it: donate some diapers, by pointing, clicking and helping.
Ask your friends to help.
Which I did and you did. Thank you.
AND the hint of a possibility of doing something to close this stupid gap in the social safety network and people to work with on this.

So I nominated Help A Mother Out for the most inspiring blog on There are other blogs that make me cry or laugh, others that make angry about the state of our world, yet more that I read that make me feel rather feeble with regards parenting, activism, crafting etc. HAMO moves me from rhetoric to action from nearly 7000 miles away via the internet and I am very grateful for that.

If you have a sec and like what HAMO is doing will you pop on over and vote for them please.


  1. Oh, and I almost forgot to say, when you check out go back to the March entries. It is here as you watch the blog turn from pondering to action that I am particularly inspired.

  2. Hey lady, thanks for the shout out. Help a Mother Out is indeed inspirational and I put a link to it on my blog. I'll try to help spread the word.