Friday, June 12, 2009

Why despite walking everywhere I can't get to a healthy weight

In reverse order

10. Pasta, lots of it doused in olive oil
9. Parmiggiano Reggiano eaten in chunks not grated
8. Apparent inability to leave a dish with food on it, mine, Doug's or Ila's. Don't sit to close to me it might be your plate I go for next.
7. Cheap, good chianti pretty much every night
6. Gianduia chocolate. A certain colleague has a lot to answer to.
5. Limone gelato
4. Pistachio gelato
3. Yogurt and Nutella gelato
2. Nocciola pasta sauce
1. Nocciola gelato

ps. Stumbled a store that sells Young's Chocolate Stout & my mum brought Doug some Starbuck's Coffee over from England. Result a very happy man. Now if we could only find a nice IPA.

pps. Just found this recipe for Nocciola gelato


  1. I so feel you, sister. I'm trying to walk jr over to my husband's office a couple times a week--an hour walk--b/c I can't believe how much damage has been caused by a little ice cream (ok, a lot of ice cream) after dinner every night.

  2. Yum.
    I have brown sugar ice cream with whipped cream and broken up HobNobs every night.

    And I do recall having to slap your hand to keep you away from my french fries. You need to train Doug and Ila to hit you more.

  3. I will answer for the Gianduia :). Having married an Italian, my midsection doth protests. However, I will be the first to admit that I LOVE every single thing that is on your list, including #8 because I know I would eat whatever is on your plate too (or Doug's or Ila's). And just to be mean,(because I'm not in your shoes) I will give you two more suggestions for your Italian adventure:

    1) Amarena (cherry) gelato. (Well, if you like cherry.)

    2) Arancini. I don't know if they have these in Florence, but if you look hard enough I'm sure you'll find someone who makes them. They are hollowed-out balls of saffron rice filled with meatsauce and mozzarella cheese, coated with bread crumbs and deep fried. Trust me, they are worth every bit of their 5,000 calories! Try looking in a cafe/bar.

  4. J. Cubeta,
    You are cruel! You know my weakness at the candy dish so oft demonstrated in your office. I will however comply with your directions because you were so very right about the chocolate. We can swap waist lines though, any time!

    "And I do recall having to slap your hand to keep you away from my french fries. You need to train Doug and Ila to hit you more. " I must have amnesia about this part of my life. I.just.can't. No, um, really.

    I think we should form some sort of online virtual friend pack about the attempts at exercise and reducing consumption of ice cream/gelato to a reasonable level. Are you up for it?

    Nice to see you here. Everyone else, check out her profile and her blogs specifically the red, blue and grew one. This lady is doing cool stuff in Texas in the gardening realm.