Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lago di Ledro

Pollinator Heaven
They say there is no such thing as coincidence right? We turn into the drive of the Family Hotel Adriana in Locca and see this...
The first thing we notice at the Hotel...Coincidence
if you weren't sure what I was referring to it is the sign, good German beer. Along with the mountain bikes available for free to hotel guests I'm not buying that it is all coincidence. Doug?

We're in the Italian Alps for the weekend, in a valley above Lago di Garda near Lago di Ledro and it is fabulous!


Green Stuff

Skimming stones at Lago Di Garda

Lavender Girl

Buzz, buzz


  1. Oh good lord that's obscenely beautiful. Especially since I gaze out my window at the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, which is nobody's idea of idyllic.

  2. Stunning! I was at the Lago di Garda with my mom a few years ago but where we stayed was nowhere near as gorgeous as this... Does Ila like boat rides?

  3. OMG. If I were you, I'd refuse to come back.


  4. That's spectacular! How far from my border and do they accept dogs? That is exactly where we want to go for a weekend.

    Which, now that you've left there, sounds dumb, because we could have seen you at the same time. But, we're slow. Oh well.

  5. How beautiful! Where did you stay at? Would you recommend it?

  6. A lot of these pictures were taken down a Lago di Garda. We were at a hotel in a family up above called the Family Hotel Adriana. It is a chain of hotels through Europe that focuses on families. It wasn't bad at all, but then it was great to have a place which provided trikes! There was a nice sauna room for adults down below. I think if I was going without children I'd look for somewhere a little smaller, but it was very nice, just loads of kids.